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A website dedicated to pussy, ass, nipples and all kinds of activities which one can do with them, might be a good idea for a porn pay site, but when we talk about NIP activity, it does not focus on those things. In fact it is a completely different ball of wax, folks. The website does not involve penetration or any of such sex activities.


Nip Activity Review

Site Overview

It is a website which portrays beautiful European women walking around the streets, public parks, restaurants and hot tourist spots without any clothes on their bodies. Yes folks, you heard it right. In the videos, you will find that these girls un-cloth themselves sitting on a public bench, seductively removing their shoulder straps and while coming out of their pooled fabrics, their mischievous expressions are something to gaze at. The thing which will amaze you is that these girls in spite of feeling a touch embarrassed sportingly have fun with the onlookers, casually interacting with them, hanging out in local cafes or parks in their birth suits. Some pedestrians and onlookers stare at them, some click pictures.

In the videos, along with these girls taking a lazy stroll in the afternoon, you will also come across the different reactions of the people around. In one video, you will find an old man in complete shock while in some you will find that cops stopping a girl to strip and making her put her attires back on. All these actions are both sexy as well as funny and you will be guaranteed complete entertainment. After all, the main goal of every porn website is to provide entertainment and when we talk about public nudity entertainment, NIP activity is your website to tend to.

Design & Features

One of the best things which you will find about this website is its easy navigation. It is very easy even for those who are not that well equipped in handling the internet. All the menus and option bars are present on the home page. The user interface is also quite impressive and the smart suggestions which the website page provides to you based on your previous searches and preferences are also very helpful as it makes you find your videos quickly. The website also comprises of a vast collection of videos and pictures along with high-quality contents for your sake.

If you want to become a member of NIP activity, all you have to do is visit the home page, click on the sign-up option through which you will be taken directly to the sign-up page. There you will just have to fill in the details which are being asked of you and on receiving a confirmation, your membership span will be activated. The membership involves a subscription but is quite manageable. You can follow the Credit card payment process to pay your subscription. As for the latest features, the website is trying to be more compatible with more OS systems. Presently the videos can be downloaded and watched on Windows, Android and iOS devices. Another addition is their attempt to increase their number of English speaking girls so that they can be more scalable among a wider audience.

Girls & Videos

At this point, NIP activity comprises of 104 girls with every one of them appearing in a multitude of videos. As you pay the website a visit, you will find that there are about 440 movies and most of them are in full HD formats. Each movie comes with a set of pictures and you can download the entire set in zip files. These pictures are large and have high resolutions. The same can be said for the pictures. If you desire to watch videos, there are two ways of doing it. You can either download it directly and watch it on your desktop/ laptop or hand-held mobile phone or enjoy it online by a Flash video player by streaming it live. The older videos, however, might be of lesser quality and can be viewed online of downloaded in MP4 or Windows media formats. The pictures mirror the videos.

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If you want to see never seen before public nudity videos and pictures, then NIP activity is the perfect place to log into. Simply join their naked exhibitionist girls pass the local pedestrian and everyday life and enjoy the various reactions which the onlookers give out.

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