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My Sexy Savita Review

Site Overview

Savita is a true MILF and knows how to make a man cum. She has a lovely and homely face, an awesome body and, as mentioned above, an attitude which endears her quickly to any horny man. MySexySavita, to a great extent, follows Savita’s sexual adventures and records her intimate moments with her innumerable active sex partners. To know more about Savita and her adventures, we have compiled a review of MySexySavita, and how it will add value to your jerk-off session, every night, for years to come.

Design & Features

A beautiful banner of Savita in various sexual acts, getting fucked, having her nipples sucked, boobs fondled and naked, are shown in 7 separate photos in the banner. The logo of MySexySavita is placed over the banner. The banner itself is sandwiched between two black strips that run across the length of the site. The strip at the bottom houses the links to various pages of the site, namely the Videos page, the Home Page and the Members section. To the right, in this section, there is a text box with a link to the join now page.

A black box with four thumbnails of Savita in action with a description of who Savita is and her sexual encounters are given. A sub-box within the black box, in white color, outlines the status of Savita, covering her vital details, her likes, dislikes, favorite sex position, what turns her on, and others. The videos are arranged in a grid format and a total of 24 video thumbnails can be seen. The thumbnails are placed in a black box, with a one-liner about the video, and a yellow-ochre box to view the full movie. On the video thumbnail, you can see the number of views, and the number of likes.

The video thumbnails are spread across sections, and each section is separated from the rest with the help of a large black strip. The strip has white text describing briefly what this section is, as well as having the Join Now button to the right. All videos are in HD quality, and you will see how beautifully the videos are shot, showing Savita in all her glory when she is naked, and the joy and ecstasy she displays when she is fucked hard and takes cum all over her.

Girls & Videos

Let us describe Savita. Wouldn’t you want to know what this slut looks like? What she likes, dislikes, and the kind of performances she gives in the videos. The description section provides some vital statistics about Savita, and what makes her so valuable to your jerk-off experience. Check out her critical details which read 38DD-30-36. Who wouldn’t love a bitch whose bra size is 38DD? Any man would love to drop those bras, to emancipate the imprisoned breasts, and fondle and grope them hard, squeezing them to satisfaction, and playing with the hard and taut nipples.

Sucking the mega-hooters has its own charm, akin to sucking milk. Her pussy is clean shaven, and the cunt is so pink, you can see the beauty of it when she spreads her legs wide. Lovely and exquisite, the cunt is perfectly shaped to take a guy’s hard boner deep inside the vagina. Check out her other stats. Her waist reads 30, and it is a sign of a very curvaceous slut. It is true, Indians are among the curviest women in the world, and Savita is a living example of this. When you see those curves from behind, you will get an instant hard-on, for the Savita’s white complexion accentuates the curves considerably. Perfect to hold and soft to feel, the curves make Savita sexier than ever.

The last stat, 36, tells a lot about this bitch’s ass. 36 is the perfect score for the ass, and the way it sways when she walks sultrily could make any man go wild. When she rides a cock, the ass is perfectly poised to be held strongly to support not only Savita but also your cock. One stat you will love to read is the number of sexual partners this sultry bitch has and it is a staggering 45+, and that’s a huge number, considering that the average Indian female has sex with only one guy all her life. Overall, you will find Savita the perfect lady of your dreams, ready to rock your cock and make you cum hard.

Savita Bhabhi in nasty doggy style action


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