IndianSexLand Review



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IndianSexLand has a very glamorous and luxurious look and some of most beautiful Indian chicks on the planet.


Indian Sex Land Review

Site Overview

One of the most amazing and awesome porn sites featuring only kinky and horny Indian sluts is IndianSexLand. IndianSexLand offers a huge collection of the hottest hardcore, amateur and lesbian porn content, with frequent updates. The tanned chicks are always envied by all American and European chicks, for they also want their skin to have the natural tanned color, to accentuate their sexuality.

Design & Features

As pointed out earlier, IndianSexLand has a very glamourous and luxurious site. The glamor comes from the sexy, naked and tanned bitches who are featured on this site. The luxury comes from the overall design, featuring exotic colors, like green, golden and purple, and the use of jewelry at appropriate places on the site. When you have a great site like IndianSexLand, you will love to be a part of it.

The most attractive part of the site is on the banner, which shows the luxury and glamor in equal measures. The monument of love, the Taj Mahal in the background with a slut sucking a cock in the foreground makes for an awesome scene to keep watching for hours together. The bitch is sucking the cock with no worries, as she gropes her boob. Another naked bitch, with dark tanned skin, and almost black nipples and areolas graces the banner. Her floral tattoos on her chest and shoulder accentuate her stature as a sexy bitch. The jewelry on her head, neck, ears and hands emphasizes the kinkiness of her body. The eyes are so expressive, you will be left wondering why this slut is not next to you in reality.

Three mini thumbnails indicate the niches in which the videos on IndianSexLand are saved. The three niches are amateur, hardcore and lesbian. There are a couple of tour pages with half-a-dozen video thumbnails. The thumbnails have a green background and indicate a caption with the name of the chick featured. A large thumbnail on the left and a brief description to the right can be seen. Below these, four photo thumbnails of the video are placed. There is a gray download link, and a yellow-green Get Instant Access Link below the video details. Finally, there are links for Members and Instant Access.

Girls & Videos

You already have an idea of what the sluts on IndianSexLand are like. The banner at the top gives you the glimpse, and it will surely leave you asking for more. But don’t get excited with only these chicks. There are much more, when you explore the tour pages or when you create your login id and password. While the site does offer you lesbian porn, amateur porn and hardcore porn, the tour pages only give you a glimpse of the chicks, in full glory, in their birthday suits. Check out the names of the sluts and the large thumbnails. They will surely get your cock saluting them. Watch out for Shaheen from Bengal, or Meetali Sharma, mature housewife Sharmila Mehta, or sultry cunt Sheetal Kulkarni.

Whether it is Shaheen or Meetali, Sharmila or Sheetal, all you get to see is their awesome bodies. The bodies are beautiful, smooth and silky with skin color ranging from light tan to dark tan. What one will love to watch in these bitches is the beauty of the breasts and the contrasting colors of the breast skin and the areolas as nipples. We loved watching the chicks’ breasts, for they were truly exquisite. I have reviewed many American and European sluts in porn site reviews, but none of them have matched the beauty that Indian sluts have brought in, especially when it comes to their bodies. The nipples and areolas are dark, in comparison to the rest of the skin color, and ranges from deep brown to literal black. That’s the reason why when an Indian slut is naked, people just can’t take their eyes off them for hours together.

wonderful exclusive indian beauties


It is time to conclude, and you will realize that IndianSexLand has everything to give you a great time. Jerking off to the porn on IndianSexLand is not only awesome but mind-blowing as well. The chicks are beautiful, and have that forbidden look and feel around them, but that’s the beauty of fucking them and watching them get fucked. If this is your cup-of-tea, then, subscribe to IndianSexLand and enjoy wet nights forever.

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