FreshSX Review



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Many porn sites lack the wow factor that FreshSX has. It does not take much to see that the site has quality content as soon as you land on its homepage.


Fresh SX Review

Site Overview

The site features Twinks and slim bodied gay European guys in action. The first thing that will immediately stack you is the type of scenes that FreshSX affiliates itself with. With a tagline like ‘Real Guys in the Hottest Action where you can feel the sex’, FreshSX shows that it does not play around when it comes to treating its members to the best content. You may be wondering why the site is called FreshSX, well; maybe it’s because it accounts for the fresh content that you have not seen anywhere else or maybe because these new faces bring you the most incredible sizzling action. Either way, FreshSX will deliver beyond all of your expectations.

Design & Features

FreshSX has a member’s area that has been only intended to accommodate all types of the site’s members. The new uploads are found at the top of the page, as you would see on many other sites and there is a regular menu that will make it easy for you to browse through Vance’s sections of the site. The menu will link you to the DVDs, live sex and a link to James, a guy who answers all your questions pertaining the site. This may be the first support of its kind.

If you want to get some eye candy, the galleries are open to all and sundry. The gallery allows you to click on a particular performer and then transactions into their personal page. The images are captured in a high-quality manner, and you will thoroughly enjoy the exclusive model sets. The site has a lot of features that will attract your attention and for the first time, FreshSX has proven that the elements that many sites overlook as far as design is concerned are mainly what is highly appreciated by many porn lovers. On a dependable and fast connection, the site is easily accessible, and it equally has quick load-up times.

Boys & Videos

FreshSX guys love a lot of kissing. This makes for many intimate moments that are otherwise enviable. The pleasure is mutual, and both the guys are into the action. You will not find cases where one guy seems to be enjoying themselves more than the other. Even though Fresh is a gay professional studio, the site deems it best to mix up the performers to spice things up. The site features hairy older jocks and some masculine daddies. FreshSX is a European porn site, and you should expect all the performers to be of European descent.

The guys are like an unforgettable dessert. They are sweet and memorable every time you watch them in action. European guys most definitely have uncut cocks and to have the pleasure of seeing them in action. FreshSX prefers to diversity. Therefore, the guys do not embody any particular fetish theme. The action you see here is the hottest gay action on the internet, hands down. The sexy Twinks will please you as much as the athletic jocks and masculine hunks. There are also plenty of tattoos and piercings to be seen.

Not all of the performers that are featured on the site are real gays; some are straight men while others are bisexuals who are looking to experiment and try out some new sexual positions. The familiar faces that you will enjoy seeing on the site are Paddy O’Brian and David Jones. Most of the scenes are truly unforgettable because the performers do not have anything to chance. You will also be able to enjoy Tate Ryder, Isaac Jones, Jake Reed, Luke Desmond and Chad Cole in action. Simply put, you will savor every moment of the action that you see on screen. FreshSX does not compromise on its amazingly high standards.

Great gay adult website offering hot and horny twinks


It’s obvious to see why this site has been able to take over the industry. It has impressive overall qualities and features that you may not find on other sites. Apart from the amazing content, the sites members can also enjoy the online store, site magazine and city guides. This is sure to spark up extra interest.

This site no longer exists. For similar content, please go HERE.
Conclusion Rating
Video Quality:
4 stars
3 stars
3 stars
Value For Money:
2 stars

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