Exxxtasy Network Review


Exxxtasy Network

Price: $9.99 (30 days)

Exxxtasy is a rich porn content website that presents you with a range of amateur to mature professional pornstars predominantly engaged in anal jobs but also veering off to other conventional pleasures.


Exxxtasy Network Review

Site Overview

It is a highly touted site that presents one of the largest video and photo content online. You might be excited at the fact that you can watch content on this site via Roku TV. I can’t tell exactly how, but I guess since it is just a feeling, you won’t hold me responsible for being a little overexcited about my reported experiences.

Design & Features

The site has adopted simple romantic color hues including white, pink and red. You can stream the videos directly online with the help of the on-site flash player. Although the site does not offer any bonuses or extras. I don’t think you will even develop an appetite for such once you discover the live cam shows. I’m still subscribed to one of their plans, and I can tell you that membership with Exxxtasy is one endless party. I can surf and browse the site with my tablet or smartphone with ease. In fact, there is no difference at all when surfing on PC. I even got the feeling that the browsing experience is better on my mobile devices.

Girls & Videos

I was thrilled by the numerous scenes showing deep throat dick sucking, anal play and nipple play between the characters. I was particularly aroused by the outdoor scenes in which girls fuck on green lawns and other wild outdoor places. The sensual scenes consist of multiracial sex scenes in which there is soft to hardcore stuff. I love Anna Fox in action. This is the kind of girl you view and you get cranked up before you take a second glance. In one of the episodes, she is seen folded with her pretty long ebony legs held up to the skies. She is still strapped in sexy black pantyhose lingerie. I could help looking at her sturdy full body without skipping a breath. She is ferocious in her lovemaking as she spreads out for her fucker to suck at her cherry. The dude massages her buts as he thrusts his tongue into her vagina. His tongue around her anus to trigger a heightened encounter that sees him splash sufficient cum that Anna Fox is well pleased to swallow with glee.

Full porn experience on Exxxtasy


If you wish to watch your favorite porn on TV, get it from Exxxtasy. It is also one of the progressive porn sites with live cam porn entertainment options. It is pocket-friendly and provides steamy sex videos you want to watch anytime.

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Conclusion Rating
Video Quality:
4 stars
2 stars
2 stars
Value For Money:
3 stars

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