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ClubBangBoys is not an actual porn site but a porn network that consists of four separate porn sites that caters to the most hardcore, most intense, most raw scenes are known to the gay porn industry.


Club Bang Boys Review

Site Overview

Gay porn has always interested and appealed to me in certain ways, like no other kinds of porn sites do. Maybe because it is something new to me or the fact that it tickles my fancy in a different light. I am not prejudiced against it; as a matter of fact, I swing both ways. The thing is, nowadays, despite the flourishing improvement of porn in the World Wide Web, I still have a hard time looking for the perfect fit. I do not know if it is because doesn’t exist at the very moment or because I just have not found such yet. Either way, I am still underway and still looking for that hit. Well, that was before I found ClubBangBoys and all the cock, asses, and glory it beholds. I know a great porn site when I see one and when I ended up in this great one over here, I knew it was something I would be greatly attached to in no time. ‘Lo and behold, I was right. ClubBangBoys just has something that no other gay porn sites have.

Design & Features

ClubBangBoys has a generic-looking website and that sits well with me because I am all for breezing through simple and minimal website designs in comparison to the much more complicated ones that most other porn sites get. The interface for this right here is very user-friendly and just great in general since the navigation system is very straightforward and just fairly easy, to be exact. The links are found in both the top part of the site, as well as the bottom part. The top part is where you will find the drop-down menu with all the four sites listed. Simply click on any of those and it will lead you directly to the corresponding site. Beside that drop-down menu is the updates link and it will show you the network’s latest updates and all.

Way below that is a bevvy of video thumbnails, with really raunchy stills of boys doing the nasty, or a group of boys ganging up on each other, or even some kinky role plays to get you into the right erotic mood. These video thumbnails are much likely titled, as well as timed, and labelled HD. Below these thumbnails, you will see more definitive information about all the other porn sites, including their descriptions. Way below that, you will see a simple model index of the most popular men the site has. If you click on any of the video thumbnails, you will be immediately prompted to the respective videos.

You will also notice that even if you individually search one of these sites, you will just be immediately navigated back to the ClubBangBoys network. The only way you can access any of these sites and all the content they hold is when you head on straight to the ClubBangBoys page. Each site also holds more than a hundred photo sets that you may be able to download in zip files or viewed in slideshow method. Along with your membership and access to CBB, you can also view other free videos that come along with it. These are your “bonuses” and there is a lot of it, so make sure you check those out so you won’t be missing out on a lot of other things.

Boys & Videos

In ClubBangBoys, you will see a lot of twinks, hard jocks, slightly older men, and just men and general. This male population will be able to win you with their hardcore escapades and intense gangbangs. With four porn sites combined, you are granted unlimited access to more than a hundred scenes and movies combined, aided by their equally raunchy photosets. You will notice that the scenes are very raw and very hardcore, and they go from anything to blowjobs, rim jobs, anal licking, anal fucking, group sex, orgies, gangbangs, and many others that will leave you gasping for more.

Each scene is caught on tape and can be viewed in the browser or by downloading. The format available is only one, though, with it being in MP4. There are fewer options because the site is just new. These scenes, however, are all in HD, starting from those who came first, down to the latest updates. The pixel resolution is always at 1920 x 1080 but for in-browser viewing, you may have the option to adjust it to a lower version. There is no download limit and full HD playback is available.

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ClubBangBoys is highly recommended for those of you who have high regard and interest in hardcore gay porn. The quality is amazing, as well as the high content number. The updates are fast and everything else is something to look forward to.

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