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Chocolate Models Review

Site Overview

ChocolateModels is a fine black porn site and online magazine featuring bootylicious chocolate colored sluts, including Latinas, ebonies, and black chicks, as well as amazing Pawg models. These exquisite bitches are amazing strip dancers, who know how to make your cock get a hard-on in no time. The deliberate and provocative stripping that these sluts undertake is so exquisite that you will want to rip off the clothes from their bodies and fuck them hard. The presence of these chocolate models is the only reason why ChocolateModels is so famous. ChocolateModels is famous because of the kind of services it provides, and the contents that can get any man a hard-on in a matter of a few seconds.

The natural performances and the seductive eyes and smiles are the other reasons why you must consider ChocolateModels in your stock of porn sites. ChocolateModels will leave a lasting impression on you, and you will want to watch more of these sluts on your computer. The site is also mobile ready, so you can carry your favorite bootylicious sluts with you wherever you go. A review of ChocolateModels will give you an insight into the kind of site it is, and how it will benefit your jerk-off experience. After reading this review, you will never want to leave ChocolateModels from your stock of porn sites for life.

Design & Features

ChocolateModels impressed us at first sight, imprinting it in our mind for life. The site is awesome, and simple, with a very effective design. It is evident that the creators of this site have put a lot of thought into developing something so excellent. The creators have opted for a unique design by doing away with the header and footer altogether, and have used one large section for its site. The main body consists of a couple of photos at the top, with the names of the nude dancers mentioned alongside.

The rest of the site is dedicated to the key links that will take you to various parts of the site, like the massive archive, the homepage, the online clip store, the DVD store and the ExoticDancer VOD. The ExoticDancer VOD is a unique service that ChocolateModels provides and you a limited number of channels free for subscribing to the site. The free channels you get depend on the kind of subscription plan you opt for, and we shall look at these plans later in this section.

Below these links, there is a brief, albeit interesting description of ChocolateModels, and the kind of chicks you will find on this site. This brief description will give you the perfect idea of what you will see on the site, and what will make you enjoy the most when you subscribe. The exotic dancers and the presence of thousands of black, ebony, Latina and Pawg bootylicious models have contributed to ChocolateModels being the number one big-booty porn site in America.

There are thousands of models for you to explore, but on the homepage, you have a handful of them, a dozen to be precise. The names of the pornstars and the photos and videos they feature in are provided in links below the thumbnail. Clicking the videos section takes you to a new page, providing you information about the chicks in detail. You can find the vital stats, the ethnicity, the kind of model she is, her body type, and a few photos of her. ChocolateModels is economical and light in your pocket.

Girls & Videos

These sluts have awesome bodies that you will drool over when you watch them on your computer screens. Some of them are professional strip dancers, while others are awesome pornstars who love to get their holes fucked and pounded. A description of the kind of sluts you will see makes a lot of sense and you will enjoy reading this part immensely. The sluts have huge bodies, but that doesn’t stop them from showing off their assets.

Watch out for stars like BabeDoll, Kitty Lov, Strella Kat and Rocaholix among others, and check out their vital stats. Rocaholix has 36D-27-47 as her vital stat, while Strella Kat has 38D-23-49, and Kitty Lov has 36C-27-46. One common thing you will notice among these sluts is the size of the butt, and it reads somewhere near the 50-inch mark. And the breasts are not to be taken lightly also. With 36C, 36D, 38D, the breasts are also quite huge, and this is what makes these bitches so special. They love to flaunt their assets, the curves, the breasts, nipples, pink cunts and tight asses that these booties cover.

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We are confident that ChocolateModels is an exquisite porn site that will give you a great time, every night, without fail.

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