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I am surprised why Victoria’s Secret has not yet recruited them, but to be quite honest, these women look better without lingerie on anyway.


Catalina Cruz Review

Site Overview

When I was but a wee bit lad, I always dreamed that when I’d had written to my celebrity crush, they would have always written back to me, thanking me for being a fan and giving my support in their journey. To this day, that is still my fantasy, but to be honest, any man (or woman) would self-destruct into a puddle of liquefied embarrassment when their idol has replied to them. That kind of attitude is most valued by fans, which is what makes Catalina Cruz’s website incredibly interesting.

Design & Features

The one thing that sets Catalina apart from the other starlets is how she takes her fans seriously. This dedication to her customers and fans is the main attraction that got me hooked. Catalina updates everyone on the main website, her personal Twitter account and even on her blog! Catalina writes various topics such as what she thinks about the upcoming election, people she is thankful for on Thanksgiving, her videos and more.

She even uses Twitter to actively tweet her current activity or other thought in mind, as well as the occasional tweet alert of an upcoming sale or promo. Main attraction aside, there are three main features that make Catalina Cruz’s website more unique than others if not, one level beyond better. We have the Sexy Store, Live Cam Shows, and Fantasy Models. The Sexy Sore is mostly for people (like me) who do not wish to share Catalina with other people.

Girls & Videos

Since her name is plastered all over the website, Catalina is obviously the star of the show, but that does not mean she can’t have other playmates to come in and play with her. As mentioned above, there are at least 250 “Fantasy Models” who have starred with Catalina in her videos. There are some male performers, but they are not included on the website since they focus mainly on the girls that star with Catalina. The women in the adult video industry are classic, poised and professional.

Catalina is quite proud to announce that all her video are not heavily scripted or well devised by a team of one hundred crew members, in fact, it is quite the opposite. Sure, there may be a script to move the story along, but compared to the other millions of scripted porn out on the market, her performance is adlibbed and her performance quite passionate, but that does not mean the quality of the videos go down. She may be filming porn, but the look on her face says she enjoys getting her way around a man’s hard cock, and I find that quite intriguing.

Just to compare again, other porn stars would do a film just to pay bills or to live, but not to Catalina. Catalina puts a lot of effort into pleasing her fans and giving them what they want by doing what they want, and her female co-stars would follow suit. Catalina has revealed that she has a certain standard, and she will not perform along with just any person on the street, and even if they are some high-level starlets, if they cannot reach her standards then they get the boot. It may sound tough, but as paying customers, it is fair to get what we want, and I find that very considerate of her. But of course, these women deserve nothing more than high-quality 4k resolution video to perfectly convey their natural beauty and stimulating sex appeal. These videos can be either streamed online or downloaded for a more private viewing session.

catalina cruz and her friends in various sex acts


One of the biggest things that are important to me is the authenticity of a website. Although Catalina Cruz is her porn persona, her constant online presence has made her website not only authentic but trustworthy. Though it is only a persona we see, seeing an actual human face that does what we politely ask is somewhat of relief, unlike other adult video websites that trick us into thinking we are talking to a real girl. Catalina Cruz is not afraid to satisfy your needs and you deserve it.

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5 stars
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4 stars

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