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Beauty And The Senior Review

Site Overview

You’ve heard of Beauty and the Monster, you’ve heard of Alice in Wonderland, and surely, you’ve heard of Game of Thrones; well, bring all the romance and thriller from Beauty, all the magic from Alice, and all the powerful sex from the Games and mash them all together to present something even more dramatic, erotic, and powerfully captivating. That is what BeautyAndTheSenior is all about; an all-round fascinating, interesting, and enchanting site that would make you hold your breath from start to finish. It’s a site that combines the power and agility of fresh starlets with the romance and erotic experience amassed by these senior men over many decades; a place where these stunning chicks get their first anal thumping, where they get to suck the flaccid cocks of old men back to life, and where they make men the ages of their grandfathers moan and scream out of sheer pleasure.

The chicks here are sometimes recruited to visit the male wings of old peoples’ homes where there are countless seniors waiting to get a chance to see pink pussies again, to feel the lusciousness and succulence of sweet fresh chicks, and to have them stroke them till they get fully erect. These men wait for days to get a chance to see these stunning beauties strip-dance and perform excellent sex shows that make them reminisce on old times; shows that take their minds back many years when they were still agile, visiting one club after the other. Indeed, these are moments for an old man to cherish for a long time.

Knowing full well that nothing heals the mind better than great sex and erotic shows, the administrators of these homes make sure to get only the finest and most fascinating of these chicks to come fuck these old men and make them fully revived once again. It’s a special time for the men of such places; one they would never forget till their dying days. And for the lovely chicks paraded on this site, it is the mystery, the enigma, and the curiosity that surrounds the myth that older men are better lovers and more romantic with sex that drives them to these places. They want to see the vast experience these men have acquired over decades put into action; they want to learn new tricks and styles from the masters; they want to test their abilities to make limp, flaccid cocks to rise again and do the needful.

Design & Features

BeautyAndTheSenior is quite a sophisticated yet very simple site to use and enjoy. The kinds of features added are such that would help you navigate through easily and play the videos conveniently. Users with tablets or smartphones can also enjoy every bit of the site, and can even download as much videos as desired into their devices for free. The affordability you get here is second to none. No other site offers more fun and excitement for such low pricing in the past or present; never would there be one either.

Girls & Videos

The crazy beauties lined up on BeautyAndTheSenior are stunningly pretty and very unique in their sex acts. These ladies are gentle, talented, and very creative in the kinds of sexual acts that they perform. They are no ordinary chicks picked off the streets; these are special, trained, and groomed by the best hands in the industry. These curious ladies do all they can to get a chance to meet and fuck the hell out of their senior partners. It is indeed a wonderful delight to see people of ages so different, so far apart, and so dissimilar melt into one figure and romantically fuck each other blissfully.

old men fuck adorable girls on beauty and the senior


This is the one place where senior citizens find relief for their horny states, where they get to find the kinds of ladies that can take up their cocks and make them come alive again. Though these chicks are fresh, the old men do not mind, so far she can make him feel like a man again, fuck him silly, and make him ejaculate those backlog of semen stored inside for so long. Indeed, it’s a mutual relationship between both sets of people as they enjoy each other’s company and come out of the whole show truly satisfied and happy. Surely, nothing can prepare you for the complete excitement waiting to be savoured here. It’s a site like none out there. So, subscribe to BeautyAndTheSenior today!

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Video Quality:
4 stars
4 stars
4 stars
Value For Money:
4 stars

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