Bang Network Review


Bang Network

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Since this site is an exclusive one, you will only find the videos here in here and nowhere else. You can also access their channels here and their live cams.


Bang Network Review

Site Overview

If you are looking for a great porn site to spend your time with, then there are tons out there that would fit the “great” description. The only problem is that the majority of these “great” porn sites do not leave a lasting impression on you in the long run. They may seem great but often, we are faced with an adult site that we would not even bother associating with later on. The good thing is, there are also a few sites that bring us the promise of tomorrow and offer us something more than greatness. They offer us quality, quantity, and a good sense of what is considered amazing in one.

With the rise of the porn industry and the many porn sites added every single day, it is rather difficult to find something of worth. Thankfully enough, reviews like these will always save your butt right before you go charging into a mindless direction. Without further ado, let me introduce to you a porn site that will most probably give you a good run for your money. It is sleek and amazing and has tons of really good stuff going on inside. If you like a mega type of porn site then you will love Bang.

Design & Features

Bang has a basic site design but it does not make it short of awesome. It has, by far, one of the best looking site designs in all my years in the porn world. It looks stupendously sleek in black and gray and with that feature, no less, you get something minimalistic, making you spend more attention on the finer details like their videos and their photo sets. The navigation here is very simple and very easy to manage – I even had tons of fun going on the site because the navigating system is that relaxing to use. The user interface, the site layout, and the site arrangement are great in an overall sense. It does not collide with anything and it makes you want to explore the site even more just to check everything out.

On the very top part of the porn site, you get to see various things like the site logo which doubles as the home page button. No matter where you are, when you press that logo, you will automatically be taken to the main page or the home page. Further in the middle part of the bar, you will get to see the ever so helpful advanced search bar. With this, you can type in anything you like that serves as tags like “MILF” or “Lesbian” or just anything. Since the site is huge to begin with, this is a great way to find the things you prefer. Further on the right, you will see the support button and the login button.

The support button has their FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions inside. Moving on, the remaining links that the site offers can be found on the left side. This sidebar collapses and can be retracted to open once again, according to your liking. It has links to the newest videos, the best videos, their categories (if you like exploring the many things they offer), their porn stars, their movies, and their studios. A little to the bottom you will see links to their casting videos and their Japanese counterpart. Also you will access to channels and cams. There are tons of photo sets in here and there are a lot of things that can be done like adding your preferred videos to your favorites and accessing the fully loaded model index.

Girls & Videos

Since the site is gargantuan, you should expect a huge flurry of girls here. They may physically look different, but they all have the same love for sex and everything else in between. The categories that the site hosts are ridiculous since it seems rather complete. No wonder, though, the site hosts more than 100,000 videos and some thousand DVD’s, as well. With the size of this porn site, you could get lost in the sea of amazing hardcore porn.

It does not stop there because, despite the many things they offer, they still have the good sense to make the majority of their content HD. You can watch the videos in your browser with Flash player or Silver Light. You may also download them in a variety of formats. Either way, you will get a huge influx of HD porn videos and even the older ones carry a decent tune. There seems to be no download limit here and you the full-length playback is an absolute delight since you are going to be given HD ones. The updates are happening consistently, with them adding more than 30 videos every day. No wonder the site is progressing rather smoothly.

one of the largest adult libraries with high quality material


If you are looking for a porn site that offers a lot of variety, then Bang is certainly the best place to go to. Not only do you get more than what you expected, but you will also enjoy the freebies they will be giving you. I am totally recommending this place to those of you who like every inch of sexual adventure.

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4 stars

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