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The site features the crème de la crème of the mature adult world. If good entertainment had a face, this site would be it.


40 Something Mag Review

Site Overview

Who said when you are forty you are supposed to be bored out of your mind, wondering where your next pleasurable sexual experience was going to come from? That is far from the truth. The forties are not a time for experiencing any midlife crisis. While self-realization may come in handy during this time, sexual fulfillment should be prioritized. Forget about planning for retirement, if you do not have wild orgasms in your forties, unfortunately, you never will. There are only a few adult networks that can make us realize this. As the ScoreGroupNetwork is known for its love for big boobs and showcase of mature women having sex, you will highly enjoy all that the 40SomethingMag adult site has to offer. You guessed it right; this is a site that features the best of adult experiences and sexual enthusiasm that will change your world. I hope you are ready for what is coming because 40SomethingMag is pretty intense.
 Age does not have to confuse or disorient you.

Design & Features

40SomethingMag has been in existence for a solid ten years. This is simply porn action that can be relied upon. As far as high delivery, all of the flicks come in the best quality. There are 470+ videos for you to enjoy and 1,200+ galleries that hold the most attractive high-resolution pictures. They have been produced by experts inside the most professional studios. They have been released in top-notch DVD quality.

On 40SomethingMag, you will enjoy action such as ass rimming, full on fucking scenes and even naughty lesbian encounters. Whatever you choose to enjoy, you will thoroughly enjoy it. The newly updated scenes come in 720PHD quality and all of the flicks can be streamed and downloaded. The download choices come in the firm of WMV, MP4 and HD formats. On the other hand, the galleries are filled with top-notch images are uploaded on a bin weekly basis, two photo sets zip formats, with the crystal clear images showcasing the best of the action.

Girls & Videos

The models on 40SomethingMag are all mature women who know what they want in bed. They are in control and no matter how much their partners try to sway them, they remain steadfast in their quest to find pleasure. As all of the flicks embody a particular storyline, you will be able to enjoy them in different situations. There are those who pose as secretaries, accountants and even housewives who have been sexually started for a long time. The likes of Katrina, Amber Reiz, and Angie Nova will give you the dose of action that you have been looking for. They will surprise you with their kinkiness and raunchiness and the way they seductively approach and every sexy situation. 
The women love getting their silicone and natural boobs sucked, touched and caressed. Their privates are also licked in the foreplay sessions.

The women are blondes, redheads, and brunettes who prove that they have more to show off than their hair color. Their sexual moves are highly polished and it is clear that they cherish the satisfaction that they are getting from the big cocks. Due to their experience under the sheets, they already know all that goes with it. If the wrinkly bodies turn you on, then these will be the most fulfilling Milf videos that you will ever watch. There is no doubt about that. It does not matter whether the women have a ‘thing’ for their plumbers or gardeners, the grand finale of each scene is one that will make you cum as well. The women go as far as urging two men to fuck them at the same time. Whether they are nude or dressed in skimpy outfits, you will thoroughly enjoy what the 40SomethingMag hotties have to offer.

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Sexy, solo, softcore or straight action, this site is ready to fulfill all of your desires. Do not be left behind while others get thoroughly entertained. 40SomethingMag vouches for itself in the provision of top-notch quality and satisfying scenes that will not leave you wanting for more. With all of this said, what are you waiting for? Sign up today and enjoy all of the sexy moments that the site has to offer. The women are most definitely worth it.

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Video Quality:
4 stars
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5 stars
Value For Money:
4 stars

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