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If you wish to experience 3D sex action with a touch of creativity, 3D Bad Girls has hardcore, softcore and more.


3D Bad Girls Review

Site Overview

3DBadGirls is the best hot cartoon porn site you are likely to ever access nowadays. You are treated to a wide range of entertainment with a comic representation of girls in wide-ranging adventures. Some of the videos present you with tranny hotties in comic form, while others also give you a taste of the gay world all in one stroke.

Design & Features

The designers of the site must have known how much content the site is likely to carry beforehand. I was impressed with the sense of organization that strikes you as soon as you land on the homepage and then, on to the members’ area. There are clearly labeled sections for you to choose what sort of entertainment you wish to explore at any one time. There are the 3D series and the 3D comics. While the two sections offer closely related content with the one on comics focusing on the creative aspect, the third category labeled 3D girls gives you a significantly different type of content. You are also provided with a search tool that enables you to check out what you want by typing your keyword into the search field.

Girls & Videos

These are comic figures that capture a lot of imagination and add some amount of exaggeration for that comic effect. If you love your porn-infused with a lot of creative imagination in the form of graphic representations of models looking like real cuties on the streets, workplaces and even in your bedroom, 3DBadGirls is the best place to look. I loved catching up with the 3D models on their adventurous episodes in which they hook up, play and end up screwing each other anywhere when the urges get the better of them.

exciting animations with gorgeous models


3DBadGirls is the ultimate graphic porn entertainment destination for fans with a taste for creativity added into their porn entertainment. You are treated to a ton of dynamic sex action featuring comic models and dudes reflecting characters drawn from across the globe. The interface is easy to use too.

The site doesn’t exist anymore. If you want similar material check HERE
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Conclusion Rating
Video Quality:
3 stars
2 stars
2 stars
Value For Money:
3 stars

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