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There are no stories here, but it’s not necessary: this is fresh, hot gay sex, and that’s more than enough for now.


Raw Fuck Boys Review

Site Overview

The RawFuckBoys has just launched, but if they keep on with the good work, then it’s going to be around for a long-long time. This portal grants you gay porn videos with hot guy performing in hard bareback sex, with a bottom and a top, no changing roles. The RawFuckBoys launched about 3 months ago, and it has been on a roll since then. Though it’s still too early to say that this site is going to stay here for the long run, we are positive, because the porn here is exclusive, and it’s not the usually suck ‘n’ drill sex you get at every corner.

Design & Features

Well, you are going to love this tour: there are preview clips for you to watch, offering you actual insight to the real content. No cheesy music, no teasing, the clips feature the heavy action as it happens in the scene! After you gain enough insight, head for the signup and decide which option you would like to take. The simple design and easy-to-use features of the members’ area make browsing this collection much more fun. The menu has only four options, one takes you to the videos, one to the bonuses. There is a model application option and a link to live cams. The videos could be streamed in the browser, at a fixed resolution of 520p, while the downloadable MP4 files offer 720p HD. Overall, the video quality is a high-end amateur style. Every video has a set of high-quality screen captions. These can be saved one by one, or compressed into a zip file; there is no slideshow viewing option. The RawFuckBoys and its videos worked nicely on mobile and tablets.

Boys & Videos

This few months old hardcore gay porn site has pretty hot lads for you to watch, engaging and getting engaged in hard, mostly bareback action. Now, when a gay porn provider has the word “boys” in its name, we usually hope for some hot twinks being featured in the show. However, in the case of the RawFuckBoys, it’s not exactly that: the expression, “boys”, simply refer to the fact that there are male porn stars here. There are few lads who would fit the twink category, but most of the horny hunks are professionals, and they walking towards that third X fast. The guys have worked-out, muscular and well-toned bodies, and though the majority of the guys are smooth, some furry bodies appear too! Our experts of gay porn suggested that we should look up the guys too. Well, we dug up some info on them, but except for a few models (e.g. Brogan Reed, Owen Powers), most the lads are newer players in the gay porn industry.

There are usually Caucasian guys here, so the RawFuckBoys doesn’t offer you any interracial bareback sex. Well, at least not yet, but it might be featured later. When the scenes start, the guys are already naked, and they get straight to action: some kissing is followed by sucking and preparing that butthole for penetration (they use lubricants too). The fact that every video starts with some proper foreplay and make-out sessions makes the collection quite astounding. The drilling is usually done by one guy, so the top roles remain on the top for the whole scene, there aren’t versatile lads here. Another truly hot feature of these videos that the money shots are not always visible: the tops usually cum in the ass of their partner. There are barely scenes where they pull out, and this makes the whole intercourse more natural-looking and sexy. In a few scenes, the bottoms also reach the peak and load off while getting banged from behind.

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You are going to find the RawFuckBoys to be a nice surprise. It’s not a disappointment as many bragging sites, and it delivers what it promises. The lads in the scenes are hot, the videos are captured in fine quality, and the action is real bareback sex. If you are looking for something less conventional, the RawFuckBoys is a good choice. Though it’s very fresh, it has a cute collection, and with the huge pile of bonus videos and the optional multi-sites access, joining this site could turn to be a real long-time relationship, satisfying for all parties.

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