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The GFRampage features a compilation of hardcore porn videos with cuties from Europe, who are going go to get a good fuck they deserve. The videos and the models all come from the Eastern end of the Old Continent, and they all offer that spice you probably hoped to get.


GF Rampage Review

Site Overview

These scenes featured girlfriend-themed scenarios, but it’s not an amateur work. As a standalone site, the GFRampage would have to try very hard to be able to stay above the water. If you register on the site, you will get your hands on a neat compilation, but if you want more, you get it. This spectacular piece of the website is part of a larger network. By becoming a member, you also become eligible to browse all the included sites. You gain access to these porn pages: FirstAnalQuest, FuckNDrive, JizzOnTeens, WantedGFs and DoubleViewCasting. Every site of this network is Europe-based, so the girls you can see in the flicks of the GFRampage may (and will) appear on the included sites too.

Design & Features

The models’ database also works, but it seems that it’s not fully built yet, not all girls have data provided. In the members’ area you will find the same options as on the tour page. There is a basic search engine that can help you to the videos that cover the niches you seek, though almost all videos cover the same major niches: sucking, vaginal and anal sex. There are numerous options for watching the stream. The most basic opportunity for you is to save the videos and watch them with the software you prefer.

On the other hand, the different file-types are all available for streaming too. There are Windows and iOS compatible MP4 files, and the guys behind the site thought of those who have Android Devices: they provide optimized formats too. Since the videos are all HD, you should choose the download option, thus you can avoid playback problems caused by poor connection and things like that. The movies of the GFRampage are uploaded with a matching set of pictures. These sets are all available for in-browser viewing, and you can enlarge them to full screen, so the experience is much better that way. Another option for you is to save the set as a compressed archive.

Girls & Videos

If you are into girls who are usually under thirty, and who are still closer to twenty than the other end, you will enjoy watching these scenes. God knows what the secret about the Czech girls is, but when a video features one, it’s ought to be totally hot. The movies are usually shot by one camera, which is held by the guy who fucks the girls. This grants that the videos offer the popular and pretty awesome style called PoV. In most cases the whole video is shot from the guy’s point of view, but in many cases, they put down the camera so we can have some good look on the girls’ whole body during the intercourse.

GFRampage want to look like it’s an amateur porn site, but believe it, this is no amateur stuff. The girls might not be that experienced in porn, but they do like to have sex, and when they get turned on, the turn in to really nasty cunts. Everything that happens is pre-organized, the girls know that they are doing porn video with this guy, but they don’t try to overplay: for them, it’s just sex and not a ticket to the world of the top-notch stars. You may find it a bit strange, though really arousing that the videos of the site always feature anal sex. It seems to be a very popular thing for the Czech girls, because all movies (especially those that were made on purpose) feature anal penetration. Apart from that, the girls always get their pussies fucked, and they give out some exciting blowjobs too.

Amazing videos on GF Rampage


Those who like straight hardcore sex will certainly appreciate the compilation of the GFRampage. The movies here are arousing, and though the girls are all professionals, they all like sex pretty much, and you can see that it’s not just soulless pounding, just another job for them. In case you have a thing for European models, you will certainly like these girls, because they are all Europeans, and for lots of guys that fact is enough the get them going.

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Video Quality:
4 stars
4 stars
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Value For Money:
3 stars

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