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The action is too good and it ensures that you will remain addicted to the portal. There is no doubt about that!


Facials Z Review

Site Overview

Every porn lover will go insane for a creampie for one reason or another. Maybe they represent the facials that they have never had or how far they would love to go when they orgasm. Thank God for the virtual world of porn, because it makes us cross limits that we could not cross in reality. As we cannot jump through the screen and join the stars in their sexual ventures, we can still vicariously live through them. If you have ‘a thing’ for facials, then you are reading the best review for you. In fact, all of your days of searching and hoping to find great porn are over because FacialsZ has everything that you need to ensure that you are thoroughly entertained.

Design & Features

There is nothing better than an adult site that goes out of its way to ensure that you will have the easiest time accessing its collection. Thankfully, FacialsZ has a well-designed interface that will ensure that you get to each and every intended corner of the portal. Filtering and sorting is a no-barrier because narrowing down the content can be done by various methods such as the use of the titles, and the names of the models. On the other hand, the scenes are well described and ensure that you remain in the loop for as long as you are interested in the entertainment that they offer.

FacialsZ comes with a variety of download and streaming options. You can also create your personal list of favorites. The models’ index lets you get up close and personal with all of the site’s models and as such, all shows you the scenes that they are popular in. Luckily, FacialsZ does not rotate content but has a legitimate update schedule. The multiple scenes cover each and every imaginable porn niche. The site may not have all HD videos, but the good quality will guarantee you of great viewing moments. There is also a bonus link to the VideosZ mega site.

Girls & Videos

If eating cum and get it all over your face is your idea of a fun sexual experience, then FacialsZ is not a site that will fail you at that end. It is an epic platform that showcases models who love getting down and dirty at every chance that they get. It does not matter if you want to watch Milfs, fresh faces or these models who lie in between because the platform has this and much more in store for you. All of the beauties have different preferences, starting with those who open their mouths to get inebriated with cum like it’s a fine bottle of wine, to those who give blowjobs to more than ten guys until all of them cum on their faces. This kind of diversity is exactly what guarantees you a dire enjoyment of the portal at all times.

The action takes place indoors as well as outdoor and, surprisingly, the models are just as kinky either way. If you love group sex scenes, then you will not be disappointed with all that the portal has in store for you. A bunch of girls hold on to the cock of their choice and suck on it together until they get the facial action that they have been hoping for. You have to keep up with the kinkiness because the sluts will not stop at anything until they get fulfillment in the way that you deserve. From the look on their faces, you can already tell that they are getting fulfillment in the way that they wanted. Deep throat sex is also a part of the equation and as you watch the girls getting gagged, you will be at the edge of your seat simply begging for more.

huge collection of facial sex


The VideosZNetwork has done it again! You will have the opportunity to choose from threesomes, gang bangs, and group sex facials because it is all part of the equation. There is not a dull moment to be experienced here. The cum-drenched females do not seem to mind getting pleasured for hours, as they have an incompatible level of libido. You no longer have to endlessly search the internet to find tons of cumshot videos, because this portal will give you access to the very best.

This site no longer exists. For similar content, please go HERE
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Conclusion Rating
Video Quality:
3 stars
3 stars
3 stars
Value For Money:
3 stars

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