EstudiosCima Review



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The cast entails mainly European chicks, and they are good-looking with tight bodies. This is an ideal pick for enthusiasts searching for lesbian porn.


Estudios Cima Review

Site Overview

Estudios Cima is a fresh platform in the industry, and they are bringing to you exciting lesbian action. Kissing is the talk here.

Design & Features

The platform’s design is quite adorable. It functions very well and is clean. Browsing the platform is very easy. One can easily reach the media content. Additionally, there are separated areas for the cast together with their pics. I did find that the responsiveness of the site is awesome. The platform loaded very fast without any glitch. I did download one or two movies on the site and all was a bliss. The tapes start downloading as soon as you click on the download tab.

One more entity worth stating is the streaming abilities. You can view your favorite films online under strong network. I had not installed flash player on my computer, but their embedded player was excellent. It was like I was playing a media file from my hard drive since the scenes are loaded quite fast. Furthermore, each flick has a high-resolution image set. I did try the both choices, which are watching onsite and downloading the image. The good thing is you can download a whole gallery for later watching and use for other reasons.

Girls & Videos

There are amateurs, to those with some experience, then there are the experts. I love the way the ladies take their time during foreplay. They truly have fun with themselves. They start with erotic making out as they remove their attire leaving you craving for some fuck. You only have the choice of getting off or stroking your cunt for the female aficionados. The adorable sluts begin by foreplay, fondling each other’s cunt, and romantic massaging. At some instance, it seemed like I was watching real girls fucking right before me. I was drawn deep into the action from the very first kiss until the end. My pants went down when one girl covered her salacious lips in her mate’s tight and moist pussy. She wiped all the saps and sucked the cheeks like some sugary sweetie. The chick being eaten was flinching and groaning while stroking and rubbing her hard nipples.

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I highly recommend Estudios Cima. It is a stunning platform showing lesbian action. The 20-minute flicks normally comprise of a 15-minutes foreplay of making out. It bursts into erotic pussy eating, scissoring, and fingering, too. Welcome!

The site is no longer updated. If you want similar content check HERE
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Conclusion Rating
Video Quality:
4 stars
4 stars
4 stars
Value For Money:
4 stars

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