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When we talk about Asian Sex Diary, the first thing which you will find when you visit the website is its large size. This website will include girls from different parts of Asia such as Pattaya, Japan, China, Cambodia much more.


Asian Sex Diary Review

Site Overview

We all have read Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s travels, the story of a man who visits different islands coming in contact with different civilizations and therefore engaging in various adventures. The concept of Asian Sex Diary is quite similar. Except the journey which John makes will be favored and chosen by more people than the one Gulliver had taken! The website is mainly about this guy who travels to Asia, exploring gorgeous women from its different sectors and doing all kinds of erotic stuff with them. This can also be referred to as a sex travelogue.

John is mainly a tourist by nature and he chronicles his adventures across the Eastern continent. In his diary, he just does not talk about the food, the places to visit and the sublime beauty of Asia, but sex is an active part of his diary too. In fact, he makes those references in his diary only because he uses those locations to woo a hot Asian chick and then take her back to the hotel to make his way through her panties. To put it in simple words, this website is mainly about how he meets up with different beautiful women of the region and how he ensnares them to suck his cock and ride on his dick.

Design & Features

The website is huge and comprises of loads of contents and options for you to cater to. The user interface of the website is good. There is no cluttered look and you will find some awesome indexes and a calendar to update you about the latest contents. There is ample interactivity with the designers of the website and you will be treated to important information regarding the terms of the content, the locations of the shoots and much more. All the important menus and category lists are displayed on the website and by just a single click you can check out the portion of the website which you desire. There is a map of all his conquests and also pictures of the girls which he had bedded with as his trophies. One would have to say that you will be pleased by the uniqueness of the idea and the beautiful presentation of the website.

Girls & Videos

As you enter the website, you will have the option of browsing 540 intimate scenes along with matching video captions. But if you think that’s all it, then you are wrong as along with that you will also get tons of wonderful content and enlightening information for your interests. John brings to the table gorgeous Asian girls from almost every part of Asia! We all know the fact that Asian women are quite beautiful in appearance. That is exactly the kind which you will find here. Mind you these girls are not porn stars, but real women. John hooks ups with them and after a drinks or chats, brings them over to his hotel where he shoots the entire fucking session.

When we talk about the videos, all of them are in complete HD formats. Videos shot in different places are placed in different sections making it easy for the viewers to find them out. The same can be said about the pictures, which are lively and stunning. However, the biggest issue with this website is that videos are only available for watching online. They cannot be downloaded and if you want to watch them then you would have to stream it online. However, the pleasant thing is that the streaming can be done with a host of different devices because of its compatibility.

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Thus, the Asian Sex Diary is a great place to catch glimpses of gorgeous Asian women getting drilled emphatically. Here you will find a vast collection of babes each with natural bodies along with some necessary information for your interests. The contents are also good and the website can be easily navigable. So you should visit this website as it will prove to be good value for money.

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