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With those three combined, blowjobs, deep throats, and hardcore sex, you are bound to feel more than just pleasure. So you could say that SluttyGaggers definitely takes the cake when it comes to blowjob porn.


Slutty Gaggers Review

Site Overview

One of the finest blowjob porn sites to watch, SluttyGaggers will make you realize that at this point in time, we can all agree that blowjobs are one of the best things that the world could offer to men. They pretty much seem to have the same idea back in SluttyGaggers, a site famous for their erotic and slutty blowjobs performed by deep throating tarts, as they have made sure that the focus of their site remains on how these floozies devour cock after cock each time a scene pops out. You could not blame them though as the ladies themselves enjoy performing the sensual act, having as much cum piled down their mouths and throats.

Design & Features

SluttyGaggers has a simple yet elegant website design. This makes it easier to understand and use since you will not be dealing with too much unwanted design in the first place. The navigation is perfect and easy, a walk in the park if I must say. The user interface is most definitely beneficial and convenient, as well as the site layout. Overall, the site is pretty orderly and neat, making it easy to steer around in here. If it is the links you are looking for, they are situated on a menu bar on top and they have links that will take you anywhere you want to go to the site, like the homepage, where you can find their entire scene collection, the model index, the updates page, and so much more.

The page where you will find their scene collection can be maneuvered using the pagination link found on each page. You can rock back and forth as much as you want, using that. The home page has all the latest updates in the form of video thumbnails. Clicking on these will automatically take you to the corresponding videos it represents. The site also has a shop where they sell sex toys and other merchandise that is an agent of pleasure. You can also watch live sex shows, but these are mostly scheduled so keep your eyes open – and do not forget to check out their announcements! Odds are, you are going to find the time and date of each live sex show from there.

Girls & Videos

The site currently houses almost a hundred scenes that last for 10 to 20 minutes each. The scenes may vary in plot and location but it delivers the same steamy idea. Here you will find gorgeous girls getting down on their knees or spreading their legs open so that they can have a taste of that lewd cock. As soon as it enters their mouths, the fun begins. As these ladies get their mouths and throats sticky with cum, then the hardcore fucking begins.

The pleasure does not start in the sex but with the blowjobs and the deep throats. All the while, you will think that the men are getting the most fun out of it but you are dead wrong: the ladies have the most fun. These slutty gaggers may not be seasoned professionals, but they sure know how to throw in the best blowjobs and deepthroats the porn industry has seen. There are more than 20 models in here and you can find out more about them in the model index. The model index has their portraits hanging on a page, along with their names, and a short description of these pretty and lewd chicks.

The scenes can either be downloaded in several formats like mp4 or WMV; they can also be streamed in your browser for as long as you have the updated Flash player they require. If you do not, then just download them. They are free and they make your life easier, trust me. There is no download limit and full-length playbacks are made available. Pixel resolutions may vary, with a 1920×1080, a 1280×720, or a 720x480p to be chosen from. The download speed may also vary with your connection, but from my experience, everything is smooth and free flowing, as are the downloads. The scenes can also be commented on or rated, and other people can see it.

amazing blowjobs in front of the camera


With great site content and amazing features, it is no wonder that this porn site topped almost everything in their category. Not only do they deliver amazing content, but they also made sure that each and every single one of these scenes is unforgettable. So, if you are the type of person who enjoys any of the said niches, this is the best place to get them.

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