Petite18 Review



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The package offered by Petite18 is really interesting, making it one of the most promising sites to watch closely. You can even send your ideas to the producers, so they can record something even more specific for you!


Petite 18 Review

Site Overview

There’s a place where you can find slim and minuscule models being fucked by enormous dicks. No matter what you expect, tender and soft scenes or the most hardcore and intense fuck, you will find it and even more. This place is Petite18. Making high-quality porn scenes since 2014, Petite18 is a rather new Adult Site but it is not a surprise if you already saw some of their materials while browsing the internet. Even with so little time online, Petite18 has exclusive scenes that are easy to stay in your mind for a long time. Let’s take a better look at the site, to uncover all the features and what makes Petite18 unique.

Design & Features

The main site layout is light and intuitive. The background is not saturated with unnecessary elements so you can expect a fast load and browsing. Scenes have a nice rating system that let the members rate each one of them, and also has important information such as number of photos included, duration of the video and total number of views. For better access, you can use this information to sort the videos, that makes searches really easy to perform. Videos can be streamed and download. With a .mp4 format, the resolution of the videos is 1280 x 720, providing HD sharp quality.

For each scene you’ll find a specific photo set with the average number of two hundred pictures. That’s an impressive number, so all highlights of the scenes are well captured in this section. You can download the images in a .zip batch. The models catalog provides the girls’ height, to ensure that only the most minuscule girls were chosen to take part in the recordings. With alphabetic sorting, is easy to discover new models and access all the scenes your favorite girls performed. Full accessible with smartphones, tablets, Smart TVs and PS3, Petite18’ mobile site is completely adapted to provide the best experience in large or cell phone screens.

Girls & Videos

Just as promised, there are only the slimmer and most minuscule girls in the business! The vast majority are newcomers or made so niched based scenes that almost unrecognizable for new appreciators of the genre. That is not to be confused by inexperience, as all the models are very experienced in providing exactly the performances you expect to see. The sex is top class performed, with the girls always surprise by the size of their partners’ dick, some even comparing their dick with their arms size. Sometimes they have a difficult time fitting the dicks inside their mouths, making cute attempts to perform blowjobs properly.

Production value is extremely high! The camera work is intended to provide an amateur experience, making you believe in the realism intended to be portrayed. Some roleplaying is also included, making the settings evolve from ordinary events to hard fucking action. The videos are exclusive and really rare to be found with such a high production level, making Petite18 even more precious.

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Finally, our verdict about Petite18 is extremely positive. The homepage is designed to make you have fast access to the scenes and to browse between the models, tags and have a nice idea of what are to hottest videos with the rating system implemented. The network deal makes the membership completely worth. With extra eight sites open for browsing, there are more than four hundred different models and a thousand exclusive videos that explore handjobs, fresh guys, experienced cougars and MILFS, grannies, extremely big boobs, blowjobs, sensual and exotic black women and many more. Completely recommended!

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Conclusion Rating
Video Quality:
3 stars
2 stars
3 stars
Value for Money:
2 stars

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