About Us


Since it’s a kind of tradition that every site has a page where they brag about themselves, we created one too, however, we’re not going to tell you how awesome we think we are. Instead, we help you to get a picture of the work we do, and about what types of people we are.

Let’s start with our team. We have here about a dozen people, men and women alike, working every day to test porn sites, and write thorough reports about them. Everybody has a field he or she is an expert in, and apart from the IT- and web-related jobs we have here folks from civilian areas, like teaching, finances and health. Sometimes there are some problems and disagreements among us, but without these lives would be dull, wouldn’t it? But, we resolve everything, and there is nothing that can distract us from providing the best reviews you could find online.

Our company

If there is a worthy applicant we usually put him/her to the test, so this is another way we can ensure that the quality of our reviews remains the highest. We usually do not expand our group, though if we’ve got too much on our hands, we usually reach out old members or those who pass our test which consists of technical, financial and writing skill fields can join us for a while or for a long time.

As you can see we build up our reviews in the same method. This way our returning readers always know where to find the parts they are interested in, they don’t need to read through the whole review… though it’s advised to do so.

We are a group of people who loves porn and wanted to be part of it for a long time. Now, we have the chance to leave a mark, and we don’t even have to get naked! When we build our reviews, we get in touch with the sites, and since our reviews are honest (even about the bad things) we are respected. We aren’t just squeezing out free passes from them, but we also sustain a good relationship, and sometimes they are coming to us to introduce their newest portals.

Our job

And now we should tell you a bit about our actual work. We have professional surfers, and they always know where to look for new porn sites, or which are the actually hot ones. This is step zero. When we have the list of sites, we visit them and look for contacting information, and this the first step always: get in touch. On average, 8 out of 10 sites have real information, and about 6-7 out of 10 gives us a free pass to the members’ zone. If a site doesn’t grant us access or can’t be contacted, we just leave it. If you know an old site and it’s not reviewed by us, then we weren’t able to get in… but contact us and we will see if it was ever considered.

So, there are the inside testing and the outside data gathering. We usually have our experts and search engine to do their magic and get us the info about the site’s ranking and reputation. They try to gather IP information and though we’re not publishing these data we are able to depict a lot from it. Also, we investigate the business part and the studios working on the site… if there is any.

This is the hardest part, the rest of it is just the testing: we test compatibility, inspect the update dates (if they are true or they are cheating). We are keeping ourselves updated in all aspect, so we know which gadgets are the popular ones nowadays, just as we try to get the latest tech: 4K television, streaming boxes (e.g. Roku) and Virtual Reality gear.

Everything we do, we do for you, but it’s true that we have a good time doing it. This was us in a nut, and if you want to skeet our nut and get in, please contact us, and we’ll see what we can do. You can find us easily, and if you have any suggestions or problems, write us.

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